About Paragua Coastown

Paragua Coastown

San Vicente, Palawan

Paragua Coastown, a 462-hectare haven in San Vicente on the island of Palawan, is Megaworld’s 27th sustainable eco-tourism township. Known for being home to the longest white beach sand in the Philippines, San Vicente is more than just the sun, sand, and sea; it is a shelter that helps people heal from the fast-paced world.



‘Eco-tourism’ community

I will help you in every way possible to locate your next residence.

Over a decade I have served clients throughout the Philippines specially on Metro Manila region, Dubai UAE and now Qatar. I see my role as a support character in your life story. For most people selling a home is a significant life event and represent a notable marker in your life. My responsibility is to give you straight- forward advice on how to best navigate the process. 

Mark Joel Padilla

Assistant Sales Manager at Megaworld Corporation

Benefits of working with me

It is my duty to provide you with straightforward guidance on effectively navigating the process.

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